Expert review activities

Modern food production is a complicated interaction between countless complex individual components that are networked into an overall production system.

The intensive usage of these systems under high cost pressures means that they are always run as close as possible to their assured limits of quality and performance.

If the expectations of the operator diverge from reality and if the written assurances and agreements are not clear enough to allow agreement between the parties, in many cases the quickest and most cost-effective solution is to appoint a neutral expert to mediate and – in the best possible outcome – remedy the problems so that the required targets are met.

With its expertise and knowledge profile and its commercial and corporate independence, CARAtec is in a position to carry out a review and arrive at an arbitration that is neutral and fair to both sides.

The following issues can be covered by CARAtec:

  • Filling technology for foods
  • Hygienic design
  • Mechanical/design assessment of food-processing systems
  • Sterilisation methods for packaging materials
  • Microbiological issues in food processing
  • Efficiency and failures on individual machines and overall lines
  • Interface problems between plant components
  • Safety and employee protection devices (MAK, maximum limits for workplace exposure)
  • Problems relating to wear and maintenance (frequency, work/cost involved)