CARAtec – Your specialists for filling systems, sealing technology and food packaging

With decades of experience in working with food handling and food processing systems (particularly in the dairy industry), CARAtec and therefore the family of Ammann can offer a wide range of services covering all aspects of development, manufacturing, commissioning and integration of filling systems that meet the most stringent hygiene standards.

Food is something special

The industrialisation that has taken place across our society has also meant changes for the way in which food is produced. Faced by high demands in terms of quality and consistency in taste, smell and appearance on the one hand and huge cost pressures on the other, food producers operate in a fiercely contested market where the only way to survive is to continuously optimise production methods. Here, there are different approaches that can deliver the required objectives. The most common path is to reduce obvious costs, such as the packaging materials, ingredients or work effort for the product itself... >
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