Filling and packaging technology

  • Analysis of and development of solutions for microbiological failure and/or efficiency deficits on filling lines with integrated cup or bottle filling machines.
  • Support with the implementation of a packaging concept up to market maturity taking into account requirements relating to product quality, microbiology and technical feasibility.
  • Advice and assessments ranging from feasibility analyses to cost analyses for conversions or modifications of existing production lines for new packaging formats or new product types.
  • Feasibility trials for new product developments using available filling and packaging materials sterilisation systems up to the development of custom solutions for the realisation of product developments.
  • Adapting construction for dosage systems and packaging sterilization procedures.
  • Troubelshooting on filling lines for food in hygiene and / or efficiency problems.
  • Improvement concepts for machine handling and maintenance of system components.
  • Optimization and design modifications of the package handling at critical process points or handover points with increased susceptibility.