Food is something special

The industrialisation that has taken place across our society has also meant changes for the way in which food is produced. Faced by high demands in terms of quality and consistency in taste, smell and appearance on the one hand and huge cost pressures on the other, food producers operate in a fiercely contested market where the only way to survive is to continuously optimise production methods.
Here, there are different approaches that can deliver the required objectives. The most common path is to reduce obvious costs, such as the packaging materials, ingredients or work effort for the product itself.
Particularly when it comes to optimising the costs associated with personnel, this results in sometimes complex and expensive technical solutions that are intended to deliver cost savings each time they are used on the product. However, this approach often forgets to consider the long-term maintenance and repair costs for these systems, as well as the inherent design-related efficiency losses when the complexity of a system is increased and the associated risk that the user could become unable to manage them.

This is where our service approach comes in. The profile of the Ammann family includes decades of experience in working with food handling and processing systems (particularly in the dairy industry). The development, production and commissioning of filling systems that meet the most stringent hygiene standards (cold aseptic filling of baby food) and the integration of these filling systems in complete lines, together with the responsibility for their commissioning, have all contributed to an extensive pool of expertise and knowledge.
Over time, it also became increasingly clear that the success of a product and its manufacturing process depends on the ability to keep its complexity manageable. Particularly in the case of products that are manufactured in multi-shift operation, system manageability is a key factor for the user both in terms of product safety and quality.

CARAtec can offer a slightly different perspective to solving your day-to-day problems in production and help to generate optimisation potential by focusing on issues relating specifically to error avoidance and fault susceptibility.

Please speak to us about your needs, objectives and concerns.

The broad knowledge base of CARAtec, covering everything from machine design and engineering, production monitoring, packaging development, aseptic technology and troubleshooting to the optimisation of efficiency enables us to identify your problems and develop solutions to them that will bring you much closer to your goals.

For CARAtec, these solutions do not necessarily revolve around organisational restructures or optimisation. Quite the opposite actually. We always look at the systems from the point of view that, even though people can always be trained and adapted to their working environment, if it is the case that a lot of people need to be brought closer to a machine it usually makes more sense to adapt the system to the common understanding of the group.

Where required, CARAtec can support with helpful technical proposals and design modification suggestions for your system – even though this may initially appear a more painful approach because of the costs that are sometimes involved. However, we firmly believe that the approach of bringing together both sides (i.e. process and users) is the only way to deliver the best possible outcome in the long term.