For many years the family of Ammann has enjoyed a great reputation in the industry for offering neutral and customer-focused advice. Despite their role as the managers and owners of a market-leading company, these families have earned this reputation in the dairy industry and beyond.

These basic business ethics and the recently acquired commercial independence from specific products now allow them to offer completely neutral services that focus solely on the customer. The service offerings listed below are just some of the examples from the extensive family history. Please talk to us and allow us to present our capabilities and capacities – but also our limits – so that we can offer the most effective and cost-efficient services for you.

  • Consultancy and project analysis, up to the preparation of tenders or offer analyses for assessment and selection of your optimum line concept for the filling and packaging of your high quality food products.
  • Microbiological failure analysis with development of solutions for ultra-clean and aseptic filling lines.
  • Failure analysis and development of solutions for increased wear or systematic/non-systematic failures/faults on mechanical machine components in filling and packaging systems.
  • Efficiency analyses for production plants with optimisation proposals and cost/benefit analyses.
  • Validation of packaging equipment sterilisation methods on existing plants.
  • Support up to the complete development of specifications for the acquisition of filling lines for sensitive foodstuffs.
  • Consultancy and development of solutions for climate control in buildings, particularly for production rooms with filling lines that use chemical sterilising agents (H2O2; peracetic acid), with a particular focus on airflow routeing and insulation technology on the filling machines themselves and climate adjustment between rooms for energy reasons.